my first excerpt and free write

So as i’m sitting here in the dark, cold dorm room at Hofstra, i write my first blog. I always saw blogs as sort of an outdated form of communication, and for all the Black Eyed Peas fans out there, i assumed blogging was real 2000 and late but i’ll give anything a shot. Writing was something i always excelled at in the late hours of the night, for a project i always put off. And even now i’m typing this at midnight, pounding away at the keys like a neanderthal experiencing a keyboard for the first time. I never learned to type with all my fingers and its too late to learn now, my brain has already hit the deteriorating stage of life. but anyway writing makes me feel sleepy. even now my bed sings a sweet siren song calling me to its comforting grasp before it consumes me. next thing i know, its 11:10 and i’m fat-guy-sprinting to class. writing makes me feel powerful, like i’m the Stalin of this laptop (minus the annual people purges). I always feel like my true nature comes out in my writing and i am a purer version of myself, in that i am completely me. I feel funnier. more confident, and a little prettier. writing for me has always just been a tool used for other subjects, but now that writing is its own subject, ¬†things have changed. How can you write about writing? I feel like i’m conveying how writing fits into my life and my schooling experience more so than anything else, and i’m even doing that poorly. i’ve never thought critically about writing because it has always just been an integral part of my schooling. for example every paper i’m assigned i always follow the same routine: i flail my arms around (not unlike the wacky-waving-inflatable-armed-tubed-man); i curse the Lord almighty for ever putting me on this earth (WHY GOD WHY); then i let it go until the night it’s due and repeat the first two steps. They all eventually got done. But when i was given some creative liberties, is when i discovered i did’t hate writing, but rather it gave me another voice, apart from the whiny one that spills out of my mouth all the time. I even found writing was fun, depending on the topic and the constraint put on me. all i ask is to let me be me when i write.


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  1. theusageofmoderndaytechnology · February 7, 2017

    I thought you about me page was funny and has a lot of meaning behind it. For some improvements I would recommend putting this on the about section of your blog and fix some grammatical mistakes I stumbled upon your writing. A major grammatical thing to fix in your page would be paragraph structure and capitalization.


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