Naming What We Know

1.0- The writer knows his audience and caters to them when writing. The writer always draws from others, art is always an imitation of art. To stay in touch with writing, one must know about the inner workings of rhetorical work

1.1-Writers use other writings to inspire or aid them in their writing. Writing is a form of thinking and brainstorming. Writing can even be an effective tool in which other schools of thought can utilize to better plan and critically think.

1.2-The rhetorical triangle is a concept in which the writer, audience and text all interrelate to each other. Writers create a role that audiences must fill in order to truly understand. The digital age has allowed more to share their writing but the writer has a difficult time imagining his/her audience. So then the idea of audience shifts and is constantly shifting.

1.3-Writing allows for very direct communication. Readers cannot dialogue with the writer so the words themselves must be very precise. Meaning is a relative term so the written word can be tricky to relay exactly what the writer intends. This can cause hesitation and tension in a writer.


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