Big Shock: There’s Nothing but Disappointment in Alaska

In pages 51-100, if it was possible the book got more depressing. Josie laments in even more of her failure. Her disappointment  reaches a peak at the magic show she attends in Seward, Alaska. As she is having the time of her life, downing Pinot Noir like there’s no tomorrow, the magic stops (figuratively and literally). Suddenly the weight of the world crashes down on Josie as all her disappointment and grief come to the forefront. Eggers brings the audience into this state of disappointment through his contrast of light and darkness. “She was being pulled back from the light, like an almost-angel now being led back to the mundanity of earthly existence. The light was shrinking to a pinhole and the world around her was darkening to an everywhere burgundy.” This imagery shows the audience how crushing the disappointment was to Josie. The light was the optimism and hope of the trip and the darkness was her past and the failures of her life swallowing her. The magicians use illusions and wonder to perform, which Josie felt wasn’t getting the love it deserved. The magicians were the bright spectacular light. The man able to pinpoint postal codes was a symbol of her calculated, disappointing life. The darkness consumed her as her mind turned to Jeremy and her disappointment in her decisions. The trip wasn’t going well.


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