Heroes of Home


As I’m delving into the book Heroes of the Frontier, I’ve never been more grateful to not I decided to not be a dentist. Josie, the main protagonist, has never known a comfortable home. Josie emancipated herself from her parents as soon as she could. Josie shacked up with a guy and boy, does she know how to pick ’em. The guy is a total deadbeat and refused to marry her. But he’ll get her pregnant twice (makes sense if you don’t think about it). Then the deadbeat gets his life together with another woman and Josie splits with the kids in an RV i imagined is held together by strategic pieces of duct tape.

Dave Eggers wants to ruin home for you. He takes every picture of you and your family in matching Christmas sweaters and throws them in the incinerator. Every home Josie has ever known was horrid. And this surrogate home in the Chateau is the prime example of Eggers grueling picture of home. Chateau is French for castle and France has, like, a thousand castles. So they are the gold standard for what a castle should be. The Chateau is an RV, and right now the most permanent home Josie has right now. This RV has survived thirty years of history, and is as dingy as the guy she bought it from. The Chateau is a certified heap of garbage, but it is the best Josie has as to signify that home for her is not pretty, or inviting, or comfortable. Home is something to be escaped, but if i know a good story, and i think i do, home will turn around for her.


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