How’s Home?

In pages 101-150, Josie continues to wrestle with life in Alaska but has yet to wrestle a bear, which i was really hoping for. Josie is getting a taste of home from Sam and is really beginning to ponder her decision. Was the chateau a good idea? Was it hurting her kids? “Paul came downstairs and something in his eyes echoes Josie’s own thoughts about this home: it was warm and solid and made Josie’s family existence in the Chateau seem utterly irresponsible and cheapened their humanity (142).” After being a true home, their mobile home excursion wasn’t looking so good. The solid home was a symbol of traditional family values, and stability. The solid home is inviting and comfortable and picturesque. And more importantly, the solid home overshadows and shames the mobile home. The  mobile, home embodied in the Chateau, was uncomfortable. The mobile home, much like the Chateau itself isn’t very clean or traditionally pretty. The mobile home, due to its mobility, isn’t stable and in order to be small, lacks many amenities that homes usually has. Plus in a movable home, you are rarely interconnected to the community. Josie laments about being able to walk to the grocery store. The mobile home isn’t much a home, especially for children.


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  1. theusageofmoderndaytechnology · March 27, 2017

    I like the references and comparisons you did over a solid and movable home. I would suggest to clarify more on a couple of sentences.


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