Kids Get in the Way

In the beginning of the novel, Josie constantly makes observation about her children. She said her kids looked like aliens and she calls Paul’s eyes old. Basically, this whole book is a huge roast and her kids are the weenies. Josie doesn’t seem very fond of her children as people (she has to love them because they’re her kids). So when Josie gets some alone time and takes in nature. We see her make astute observations about nature. She loves nature very deeply. And Josie laments, “Our children keep us from beauty, she thought, then corrected herself. Our children are beautiful, too, but we must find a way to combine the things, so we’re not missing one for the other. Could it be so hard? ( Eggers 256)” Josie’s initial placement of blame is on her kids as she doesn’t truly, in her heart, want to connect her appreciation of nature to her children. As Josie bikes back from her nature experience she thinks, “Goddamn them, her terrible robber children, robbing her of so much. (Eggers 259)” Josie is very resentful of her children for separating her from her appreciation of nature. She raised them almost completely by herself so she had no free time to do the things she wanted, such as being out in nature. Josie didn’t want her children and nature to mix now, she fell in love with nature and she new her children would ruin it. Even when she tried to explore a mine with her kids, “The kids were not intrigued. Josie often had no clue what would interest them. (Eggers 289)” So Josie will keep nature for herself rather than share it with her ungrateful children, especially since she couldn’t find a way to connect the two.


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