The Syrian Crisis

The people of Syria are in dire need of help. The Assad Regime and ISIS are taking turns berating the innocent civilians of Syria. Those in the video of the National Geographic documentary, were trapped. A certain man and woman were desperately trying to escape Syria, and provide for their children. Under the Islamic State, they were caged in, none were allowed to leave. And that stuck with me: being trapped in a torturous existence. One where taking the wrong street can get a man shot or walking with any part of the body exposed can get a women beheaded. People’s bodies are being strung up in the middle of the street solely because they were smoking. This is not a life. Those confined in the cities under ISIS control were not living, merely surviving. As one family was trying to escape, and document their attempted escape, the man keep saying, “May God facilitate…” Even in the darkest of times, this family remained devout and kept their true faith, one of peace, and that is the real story. That despite ISIS and all the horrors surrounding them, many of those in Syria only want peace for their families and for themselves.



  1. imjaack · April 10, 2017

    Very well done piece. Very descriptive in showing what their life is like. Contrasting their lives with Josie’s will be very interesting. The contrast is easy to see between Josie’s life and the refugees, but can you compare them in any way?


  2. Ethna D. Lay · April 14, 2017

    Can this physical and emotional torture be tied to Josie’s life? Or, does that kind of comparison seem insupportable?


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