My Project Choice

I am choosing the second option for Project two about the book. The second prompt addresses issues of home and how Eggers paints home for his characters and readers. Most of my blog posts consist of considerations of home and how Eggers plays with the idea of home so this option will be the most beneficial to write about. Plus i have very strong feelings about Josie and her misguided ideas of home, and would like to voice my opinions of her Alaskan Odyssey in search of home. Home is a concept i could really explore with this option.

Blogposts I May Use:

Book References:

“It’s beautiful now, yes, but the winters were surely a holy fucking horror”’ (Eggers 151).

“this home, this property, was evidence of the glory of the land, this country . There was so much. There was so much space, so much land, so much to spare. It invited the weary and homeless like herself, her worthy children.” (Eggers 219)

“After her parents and their atomization, she had always identified with the stayers, the homesteaders. But she knew no one who stayed anywhere. Even in Panama, most of the locals she met would just as soon live somewhere else, and most of them asked her casually or directly about getting visas to come to the U.S. So who stayed? Were you crazy to stay anywhere? The stayers were either of the salt of the earth, the reason there are families and communities and continuity of culture and country, or they were plain idiots. We change! We change! And virtue is not only for the changeless. You can change your mind, or your setting, and still possess integrity. You can move away without becoming a quitter, a ghost.” (Eggers 154)

“Paul came downstairs and something in his eyes echoes Josie’s own thoughts about this home: it was warm and solid and made Josie’s family existence in the Chateau seem utterly irresponsible and cheapened their humanity.” (Eggers 142)

References in Lapham’s Piece:

“The advertising of the nation’s ideal shifts from the little house on the prairie to the brochure selling apartments in Donald Trump’s Fifth Avenue tower of glass— ‘Elegant. Sophisticated. Strictly beau monde…Your diamond in the sky. It seems a fantasy.’”

”Home in the American scheme of things is a word furnished with as many meanings and locations as money and mother, God and the flag. A place always somewhere in mind if not on a map or lost to a bank, there to be found over a rainbow or bridge, around the next bend in a river or road.”


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