Herstory Reaction

The readings I am experiencing are tragic and harrowing stories of these writers’ lives. The Herstory readings all delve deep into issues facing many people every day. The writers all took part in the movement in order to bring about change. Each writer has an experience they feel is worth sharing, whether to conquer a fear or voice sorrow. There are stories of physical abuse and mental tragedy. These adults, not much older than I, live day by day with their own stories. No two stories are alike, several women recited stories, and a man recited a free-form poem. The little black box in which we all sat and partook of the readings reflected the tone of these issues- grave. This part of the presentation was very dark, and very moving. With each writer, I learned of their personal struggle with money, body image, and abuse. in each story i can pull bits and pieces i can relate to, or phrases that stuck with me. I feel bad for these writers but at the same time, I admire their courage for sharing their story for their own empowerment and the benefit of others. The stories don’t always have an overarching moral, or a message to deliver, but in way that is the beauty of these pieces. These works are meant to be a catharsis of emotion for the writer and the audience; even though several of these works have been utilized to promote reform. The Herstory Movement is for the betterment of the individual at the root of it all. The education of the readers, or the audience, is just a result. These stories highlight major issues for women, people of color, and the less-affluent. But the second half of the summit was very uplifting. One of the modern founders of the Herstory Movement spoke about why she did so, and what her inspirations were. She showed a genuine care and interest into the lives of those she was helping. She also expressed a deep, fervent passion for the movement and everything the movement does. She clearly still believes in the mission and promotes the idea of writing as an outlet and a means for change. She encouraged anyone and everyone to also write about their experiences and hardships. She is truly an influential figure and a saving grace for many who were in a dark place. Her movement has given voices to countless people who have needed help and in turn those voices have helped enact real change.

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