My writerly self is the person i truly aspire to be. Behind the written word, i feel more confident, funnier and more intelligent. The image i chose to represent my writerly self reminds me why I write. Every time I open my blog, I snicker at the picture while also being invigorated with a sense of wit and humor. My picture is goofy, which truly mirrors my inner self. In writing i find a purer version of myself where the ideas flow down like the rain. I write mainly for myself and my own amusement, even when the writing was assigned. i write what sounds best to me and i think this is my greatest strength and my greatest weakness. If i had to admit, i feel that my tone takes a hit most times, and writing from a serious standpoint is difficult for me. But when writing is more lax and open ended is when i flourish(let’s see if that translates to blog form). My public relations major allows me to communicate with people consistently which is where most of my inspiration comes from, besides television and movies which lord over my life. Much of my sense of humor and references in my writing stem from my love of television and movies, which i take great pride in. If nothing, i feel like anyone reading my posts or my writing should catch my drift and hopefully have a few laughs along the way.